Case Studies

LG Associates has successfully utilized Emotional Trigger Research to solve complex problems and craft winning strategies for clients of all sizes and within all sectors by arming them with actionable intelligence. We deliver the hard edges to vague or misleading findings often resulting from more traditional methodologies. Below are a few examples of our proven track record with:


Crafted a strategic roadmap that enabled one of the nation’s largest cooperatives to stem membership attrition and initiate a successful turnaround of their company.

Account Retention

Saved a $20 million account for one of the world’s leading marketing agencies the President didn’t realize was at risk.

Customer Acquisition

Transformed the sales organization of a large regional data storage company by solving the mystery of their low closure rate for new business. Within one year they exceeded their new customer acquisition goal by 30%.

Sales Growth

Enabled a leading company within the automotive aftermarket industry to jumpstart sales of a highly profitable underperforming category by uncovering the real impediment to customer acceptance.

New Business Opportunities

Conceived a new catalog opportunity for a Fortune 100 retailer that broke even in less than 6 months and generated margin rates up to 25 times those realized within their stores for similar merchandise.

Brand Building

Identified strategic opportunities for a multi-channel industry leader to successfully increase market share, boost sales and reinforce brand dominance through a combination of new services, strategic alliances and a targeted acquisition.


Helped a leading global manufacturer double their acceptance rate among high priority recruits within one year.

Stakeholder Relationships

Assisted a major utility understand pivotal factors impacting the commercial/industrial sector and provided actionable recommendations to build alliances and strengthen relationships.


Uncovered crucial insights that helped enable a leading liberal arts college to successfully launch a major three year capital fundraising initiative that garnered twice the contributions realized from their previous campaign.

In a business environment that has never been more competitive... how do you find and retain your best customers? How do you most successfully bring your goods and services to market?

For over twenty years LG Associates has a proven track record of helping our clients do just that.

Let us help your company reimagine and prosper.

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