Why Customers Really Buy: Uncovering the Emotional Triggers that Drive Sales

This book offers a compelling new tool for savvy executives who dare to look beyond conventional methodologies in order to uncover the secrets that make a tangible difference. Instead of relying on what customers say, it reveals how to dig deeper to understand what they really mean.


  • Lesson #2: Focus on what the customer wants, not on what you want them to want.
  • Lesson #3: One company’s problem is another company’s opportunity.
  • Lesson #5: Regardless of how you segment them, customers are self-defining.
  • Lesson #7: If the competition threatens your market share, redefine your market.

Why Customers Really Buy: Uncovering the Emotional Triggers that Drive Sales:

  • Introduces Emotional Trigger Research – a groundbreaking new approach to uncovering the hidden reasons behind customer behavior
  • Details the major sales and marketing challenges that confront organizations today and demonstrates a proven approach to understanding and meeting those challenges
  • Provides specific and practical guidelines that illustrate how previously undetected insights became the basis for converting emotional considerations into the right strategic solutions
  • Features 12 real world case studies of how Emotional Trigger Research proved crucial to some of America’s leading companies by revealing:
    • Why conventional research techniques often fail
    • How to win using the indirect approach
    • What emotional triggers are and why they matter

“Everywhere you turn these days it seems there’s a new book about how consumers are influenced by emotion. But this is the first one I’ve come across that demonstrates how businesses are also driven by emotional considerations. As a CEO who has run both retail and B-to-B companies, this book is full of very practical insights that really can be applied to growing sales. Whether you’re selling directly to consumers or targeting other companies, this book offers fresh practical ideas on how to close the deal. It’s a smart, surprisingly original, easy read that belongs on the bookshelf of every sales and marketing executive.”

– Gilbert

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Jumpstarting Sales
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Winning More Business From Existing Customers
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Building the Brand
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Reader Reviews

"This is really one of the most insightful books on marketing I've read... I highly recommend it for any marketing professional..."
- Yeal

"...I read it over a weekend and when I got to the office on Monday I felt I had been at a graduate seminar..."
- Cliff

"[The authors'] approach to connecting with customers and gaining useful business insights should be embraced by marketers during these difficult economic times."
- Elizabeth

"This is a terrific book for today given the challenges for marketing right now. It offers a creative point of view one can use to rethink strategies. I highly recommend it."
- David

"As an educator and MBA... I was fascinated and surprised by how this technique applied equally to business, academia, and non-profits. The concept makes perfect sense..."
- Jennifer

"...I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to increase conversion rates on qualified leads and systemically grow your business."
- TL