70% of all decisions are driven by emotions and intangibles.
Understanding your customers at the deepest level is key to survival in today’s economy.
Are YOU prepared?

More and more, traditional research is unproductive because it’s designed to measure rather than inform. While your company may have a wealth of data, does it arm you with the genuine insights needed to solve complex problems? What may be interesting or factually correct is not necessarily useful or actionable.

Hear Linda Goodman share an example of how Emotional Trigger Research transcends what your customers say to unearth what they really mean.

Discover why this unique approach will arm you with a deeper understanding of what shapes the decisions and motivates the actions of those you seek to influence.

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Why Customers Really Buy

This book introduces a compelling new tool for savvy executives who dare to look beyond conventional methodologies in order to uncover the secrets that make a tangible difference.

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