Customer Emotions Won’t Go Away Because Your Company Ignores Them

In these increasingly challenging times, engaging B2C or B2B customers begins with understanding what shapes their beliefs and drives their behavior. And that starts by uncovering the emotions that motivate them. 70% of all decisions are driven by emotion. Metrics and data may inform but they don’t explain. The new competitive landscape, populated by consumers and businesses traumatized by Covid 19, demands companies step outside their comfort zone and embrace the power of emotion because:

#1    There is a New Normal

The speed with which businesses are experiencing change permanently alters how companies that seek to thrive — not merely survive — must adapt.

#2    Being comfortable is no longer safe

The only absolute is change. The competitive landscape is fierce and evolving at breakneck speed. Past achievements are no guarantee of future success. And customers shaken by Covid 19 will further upend previous assumptions.

#3    A transformational mindset is paramount

No one knows with certainty what lies “on the other side” of Covid 19. But unquestionably it will mean reimagining the future. Embracing what feels safe provides a false sense of security. Customers impacted by the pandemic will be seared by the experience in ways that metrics and data points don’t capture.

#4    The What is less actionable than the Why

Data just capsulizes the “what”. It is not predictive of a future altered by a worldwide pandemic unimaginable a few short months ago. Digging for the elusive “why” unlocks the key to driving bottom line results.

#5    The conventional path is no longer a reliable roadmap

The tried and true belong to a different time. Following the same path as everyone else will lead to the same place as everyone else. For a multitude of reasons, many companies will struggle and fail to succeed going forward. Those that do will forge a new path based on leveraging the emotions of those they seek to influence.